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The 7 Vitals™ of Peak Performance

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Dr. Ricardo Whyte on Developing The 7 Vitals™ System

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The 7 Vitals™ System

A Structured Approach to Achieving

Your Peak Performance

The 7 Vitals™ is a comprehensive framework that addresses the core pillars to optimal performance, providing you with practical tools and strategies to achieve balance, resilience, and fulfillment. This system is backed by extensive research and developed by leading experts in the field of mental health.

The 7 Vitals™

Discover the secrets to maximizing your time for enhanced productivity, stress-free


Learn how to strategically use your resources to achieve your goals


Uncover the path to true purpose by leveraging your past, talents, and impact



Master the art of nurturing relationships and safeguarding your inner circle


Align your actions with your higher purpose through transformative learning


Explore essential practices for maintaining optimal physical and mental health


Rest Recreation

Learn how to truly rest and re-create in order to build lasting resilience

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Are You Thriving or Merely Surviving?

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We Focus on

Functional Mental Health

From dreams to routines to reality-

The Master Mind Institute can help.

Designed By Mental Health Doctors,

this systematic approach will help you learn the skills you need to master your relationships, develop a deeper sense of purpose, learn how to effectively manage your resources, and more.

Simple Practices. Big Change.

We specialize in easy to use, approachable, mental health solutions.

  • A system of practical and straightforward daily practices

  • Designed to have a powerful and positive impact on your overall mental health

  • Proactively nurture and enhance your well-being, emotional resilience, and overall performance
  • Easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into your everyday life

  • Take an active role in prioritizing and promoting your mental health

  • Cultivate a state of mental well-being that contributes to your overall happiness and quality of life

What You Can Achieve

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Rediscover Your Purpose

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Strengthen Your Relationships

Freedom Of Thought

Overcome Life's Daily Stressors

Why Us

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“Thank you again so much for ALL you do! The value you deliver is incredible and I can’t begin to express how much your teachings are helping me grow!

What I have found with the training I’ve been through so far is that I’m definitely more thoughtful about and aware of burnout. I’m paying more attention to things I wasn’t even aware of before…

-Renee, IT Executive

There are a couple of things you mentioned that I realized I really needed to hear. I am a person that does not enjoy doing activities that I am not proficient at. I needed the reminder that I did not always have the skill to perform the tasks and activities I currently enjoy doing. I have realized there is room for practice and new skills in my life.

- Melissa Lee, Nurse

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